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1-Dean's Rabbits has a tract record of 34 years in the rabbit business.

2- We have built a reputation for having the world's best rabbit meat.

3- We grow 100% of all our rabbits at contract farms checked regularly by Dean. This gives us complete control over the quality of the animals. Every rabbit we have is a rabbit bred exclusively for the meat market. The majority of growers raise rabbits for the pet market, laboratory use, and show rabbits. A very large part of what they sell to meat processors are pet, show, and laboratory rejects. You only get first quality from Dean's All American Rabbits

4- Longer shelf life is achieved in our 100% rabbit processing facilities.

5- Custom packing to fit the needs of the distributor.

6- Vacuum packing for freshness.

7- Smaller cases.

8- Every rabbit package has a label on it that is in compliance with required laws.

9- A family run company. Operated by real people you can talk to.

10 - All rabbits are computer bred and have been since 1983. We were the first to do this.

11 - An individual file is kept on every rabbit on our place.

12 - The rabbit we grow today is every bit 2010% a better quality meat animal than what we started with.

13 - The majority of time of the 34 years we have been in business has been spent on research and development. Live rabbits as well as processing.

14 - The utilization of computers in every segment of our rabbit operation.

15- Using computer data base information to find that younger rabbits produce better meat. Most all our breeders are under 2 years old.

16- Up grading all our hutches to be 40% or larger than what other rabbit people use. More exercise , better health.

17- Building more barns with smaller number of rabbits in them for better health.

18- Compiling a data base of information on home remedy completely eliminating the need to medicate our animals. A blackberry vine or a apple tree limb will do the job much better than shotgun medicine.

19- Opening up the barns eliminating the need for fans that cause drafts and give rabbits colds.

20- A chain link fence and commercial electric fence encloses our entire rabbit compound. This fence and 5,000 volts of shock gives our rabbits protection from all predators.

21- Feeding a feed that has no hormones or additives in it. All the protein is derived from plant protein. A complete ration of 40% alfalfa and 60% grain products.

22- All animals are up off the ground in a clean environment.

23- Dean has spent years visiting with the world's finest chefs. Collecting data to know what these chef are wanting in a meat rabbit.

24- The rabbit meat you will get from Dean's Rabbits is the same as is being served in some of the World's finest restaurants in Charleston, SC, Greenville, SC, and many other locations all over the USA.


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