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Dean's Rabbits was started October 10, 1980. Dean and Arlene Goforth had bought a small track of land in the country. Saturday they had gone to the "farm" to cut a pickup truck load of firewood to sell. It was a beautiful day so Dean cut 2 loads as Arlene loaded the wood onto the truck. Sunday morning they went back to get the other load. A neighbor came by and invited Arlene to her house to see her animals. Arlene bought 2 rabbit bunnies from this lady as a joke. Monday she went to the public library to get a book telling how to care for these animals.

We lived in a sub division in town. Dean a construction equipment salesman , Arlene a nurse were city people. The rabbits captured our interest. A couple months later by buying some more rabbits we were ready to have our first rabbit dinner. Dean was in the back yard dressing one rabbit fryer with a board nailed on a pine tree, a book with step by step directions on a produce crate. Small rock on each page, dressing a rabbit. Arlene in the house with cooking oil getting hot in the fry pan waiting the rabbit to wash and cook. A neighbor from 2 blocks away heard the kids talking about the rabbit. He came over said his doctor had him eating rabbit meat. He bought my rabbit and took it home with him. Arlene took the money to the super market and bought a chicken for our dinner. This is how we sold our first rabbit.

Today we live on the farm. We have purchased more land, built a house, 17 rabbit barns, and a small processing facility. We sell rabbit meat in all 48 lower states.


1983 we bought our first computer. ever since every animal has been bred by computer to up grade the quality of the meat. Today we keep our rabbit records on FileMaker Pro relational database system.Our rabbit does are rebred on the 42 day schedule. The meat animal we sell today is 2010% higher quality than when we started.


We use a very strict management guidelines. All rabbits are bred on time every time. Herd culling is done every day. The finest feed money can buy. An all natural feed with no medication,hormones, or animal by products. All the protein is derived for plant protein. Our hutches are 40% larger than most for better exercise. Building more barn space to eliminate over crowding has resulted in heather rabbits. Arlene sees that every rabbit gets the best of care.


We have our own designed 100% rabbit processing facility. Every one else uses a converted poultry plant. There are no feathers on a rabbit. We use clean and cold to get a longer shelf life. All rabbits are vacuum packed for freshness.


Our Rabbit meat is sold by "The Dean's Rabbits Meat Store" www.deansrabbits.com and through a network of distributors. We custom design and pack to fit each customers needs. Our Rabbit meat is sold to be the worlds finest with a money back guarantee.

Dean's Rabbits - 268 Hill Top Drive - Fountain Inn, South Carolina 29644

To talk to Dean or Arlene Goforth at home 864 862 2451

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